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Disinfectant NOVADEST Fresh S

1L og 10L

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of massage oil
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Recommended for our massage tables!

A fast-acting disinfectant spray containing no alcohol.

New, strong and effective disinfectant and cleanser with fresh citrus scent. Cleaning and disinfection with a product like this saves time and money. The special combination of well-functioning ingredients provides excellent cleaning power and can be used on many different materials.

The tap for the 10L can be found through this link

Advantages of this particular disinfectant:

- Cleans and disinfects at the same time

- Meets the requirements of a medical product

- Free of alcohol

- Very effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi (HBV / HIV)

- Easily removes the most stubborn stains, such as blood, grease and oil residue

- DVG and DGHM tested and usable according to HACCP standard

- Tested on acrylic glass, therefore suitable for sunglasses

- Applies to both the commercial and private sectors

- Refreshes with a pleasant citrus scent

- Biodegradable and skin friendly

- Economical

- Not flammable


Let the disinfectant sit for about one minute. Then, stains are easy to wipe off.


100 g of solution contains:

0.24 g of Didecyldimethylammonium chloride

0.24 g of Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride

0.24 g of alkyl dimethyl ethyl ammonium chloride

Prices of the different sizes (incl. VAT)
1L: 69 DKK
10L: 259 DKK

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