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Acupuncture needles, copper, w/silicone

Copper needle for NADA

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Shen Long acupuncture needles especially suitable for NADA treatment.

Acupuncture needle with copper handle and silicone-coated needle tip. 
The needles are made of 100% Japanese surgical steel and are of the highest quality. 


1-4 boxes = kr. box

> 5 boxes = DKK 27.50 per. box 


100 needles per box 
Individually packed with 1 needle per blister 
5 needles per sheet 
20 sheets per box
NADA INFORMATION (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association)
NADA treatment is a special form of ear surgery - a relaxing and energizing treatment - which takes place through 5 specific acupuncture points in each ear. The method can be used when needed here and now and for long-term treatment. The ear surgery can be given regardless of how far you have reached your treatment.
The needles should preferably sit for a minimum of 30 - 45 minutes in the ear and one should sit still / lie down and relax to achieve full effect. During the treatment, the needles will come loose and it will be seen that some of the needles fall out.
Reactions can sometimes be felt during and after treatment. These include tranquility, profits and more energy. Similarly, the treatment is invigorating and balancing for body and mind.
NADA is good for:
Abstinence and stupor
Internal control
To put words on emotions
Physical and mental turmoil
Emergency crisis
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