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Clinic equipment - Buy your professional clinic equipment from Altermed

Altermed dealer clinic equipment to clinics in mainly inside Scandinavia. At Altermed you'll find clinic equipment in a high quality at good prices. See the selection of the categories below.

Professionally clinic equipment

At Altermed will find a wide selection of clinker equipment. We sell, among other clinic equipment for massage parlors, podiatrists, nail salons, beauticians and medical practices. At Altermed our customers are always in the center. We strive us therefore always meet our customers' wants and needs, and to deliver our clinic equipment on time.

Clinic equipment at good prices

Altermed offers you clinic equipment very formidable prices. This is because we import all our products directly from our producers, which means that we can sell the goods at a lower price than many other retailers. We want to deliver our products to our customers as soon as possible, and we strive always to send the goods within 48 hours.

Get professional advice

If you are unsure about which clinker equipment you select for your clinic? So we have many years of experience in the industry and we can advise you on which clinic equipment that may be right for your clinic. If you order a product, and finds out that it was not right, so we offer 30 days return - even if the packaging on the product has been open.

Contact Altermed

Have questions about our clinic equipment or to your order? So please feel free to contact our customer service who love to answer your questions. You can call the phone +45 22 91 20 96 or fill out our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible after we received your inquiry.