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Hot Stone 36 stones

Hot Stone 36 stones

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This is a super start kit with the most needed elements for a common treatment. Economical and popular set for those who want to start offering hot stone treatments. Choose quality basalt stones in Altermed's range to make sure your stones remain warm for about 3 quarters of an hour.

Comes in an elegant storage box made ​​of bamboo. 

Cleaning the stones:
We recommend to clean the stones in detergent directly into the switched off tub. The stones are cleaned and rinsed individually and then you will benefit from air drying.

See "DETAILS" for the specifications of the stones.

General information:
Basalt is a type of igneous rock that is formed from cooled molten lava. Basalt is known for it’s superior heat retention characteristics which makes our stone perfect for hot stone treatments.
8 pcs: Large, flat and oval stones for back and thighs
14 pcs: Medium, flat and oval stones, for arms, palms, calves, feet and neck
6 pcs: Small oval, flat and oval stones, for face / forehead, scalp and cheekbones
8 pcs: Small basalt stones to lay between the toes.

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