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Package Deal 2

Hot Stones Package Deal 2, Small heat, 45 stone

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Package Deal 2 - This is the ideal package for you in order to start to practice hot stone massage as a supplement to your existing therapies. As something extra, we have decided to spice up our packages with a Hot Stone DVD which are not available elsewhere. 

The package includes: 
1 Stone heater with digital display, 6 L 
1 Bamboo wooden spoon to stone up from the pan 
1 Basalt, complete stensæt with 45 stones 
1 Beautiful storage box bamboo stones 
1 Hot Stone Massage DVD 

Order the kit today - and you can be doing hot stone therapi tomorrow. 

See "DETAILS" for the specification of stone, etc.
The package includes
Stones: 45 stone set, with bamboo box
1 pce: Extra large and oval stone, for the stomach
10 pcs: Large, flat and oval stone, for back, thighs and buttlocks
14 pcs: Medium, flat and oval stones, for arms, palms, calfs and feet
6 pcs: Small oval, flat and oval stones, for face / forehead, scalp and 2 cheekbones
8 pcs: Small stones to placed between each toe
2 pcs: Oblong basalt stones to the trigger point massage, for buttlocks and sore muscles
2 pcs: Oval konturbasaltsten to eyes
2 pcs: Marble stone for energizing and finishing the face
Heater: 6 L Digital heater
Spoon: Wooden spoon with holes

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