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VULSINI LUX Hot Stone Mini Pad "Oatmeal"

VULSINI LUX Mini Pad - Limited Edition.

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LIMITED EDITION !! Only a few of each design are produced.

We are pleased to launch the new VULSINI LUX Mini Pad - Limited Edition.

Since only a few of each model have been produced, you have the opportunity to have a unique Hot Stone Bag.

The new LUX Mini Pads are handmade in England at a 20-year-old recognized Lincolnshire bag factory. Only top quality fabrics have been used, and the bags are equipped with Swiss RIRI zippers.

The new VULSINI LUX Mini Pad is designed to quickly heat up Hot Stones for use with Hot Stone massage treatments.

The bag is equipped with a double-sided heating element, which means that your Hot Stones are heated even faster, as the heat comes from both the top and bottom of the bag.

VULSINI Hot Stone Mini Pad can contain enough stones for specialized massage treatments such as. Manicure + Pedicure Stone Massage, Facial Stone Massage and Hot Stone Reflexology, so you can easily enjoy it while on the go.

Faster heating of your Hot Stones with the new double-sided heater.

1 x VULSINI wash / reheat bag
VULSINI thermometer
Power supply
Car charger
User Manual
Exterior dimensions: 31cm x 25cm x 6cm
Interior dimensions: 28cm x 20cm x 5cm
Net weight: 0.85 kg

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