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TMAX Kinesiology tape 5 meter

Experience an effective tape that is durable, water resistant and economical.

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Tmax Kinesiology Tape SPORT is a new revolutionary sports tape - for those who require a little more. The tape is a water-resistant, elastic cotton sports tape especially suitable for athletes who place extra demands on quality and good adhesion.

Due to the strong weave and the extra strong glue, Tmax Tape SPORT can provide correct and optimal support for up to 7 days.

Size: 5m x 5cm.

Available in several colors: Black, Beige, Pink, Blue, Green, Lavender, Orange, Red, Yellow.

Quantity discount:

Buy 6 rolls of the same color and save 10 kr. roll

Buy 36 rolls and save 20 kr. roll


Tmax Sportstape has an elasticity of 160%, which corresponds to the same strength as skin and muscles

Wave pattern in the glue which makes the skin easier to breathe

Skin friendly Acrylic medical glue

96% pure cotton and 4% spandex

Water repellent

Latex free for sensitive skin

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