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Massage gun - Massage Device with 7 heads and a nylonbox

Revolutionary massage gun for professional and home use. Get rid of sore muscles

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Hi5 Nova Massage Gun is the most powerful, portable massage gun on the market and can withstand no comparison.

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The massage gun is designed by American engineers and it is equipped with a brushless motor with high torque, 3 different settings of vibrations and up to 9 hours of use, as well as battery technology from TESLA.

This massage gun has several unique features:

The Hi5 Nova massage gun uses the latest technology in artificial intelligence and performs a unique massage, with precise speed control, ensured engine stopping and built-in flash memory. It is powered by a 12 mm amplitude, which increases the relaxation in your muscles and gives off a full 80 mm of muscle penetration. The market's best and most effective deep tissue massage.

Our Hi5 Nova massage gun relaxes your muscles, reduces muscle stiffness and soreness, stimulates blood circulation and rebuilds muscles. The massage also activates the nervous system, supports the lymphatic system and is stress relieving. In addition, it can improve your weight loss and reduce scar tissue and has silent glide technology.

Unique massage gun - without comparison to what you otherwise find on the market:

This wireless massage gun is light and works very quietly and has the lowest noise level on the market, only 35db - 45db. This ensures a comfortable and quiet massage experience. The innovative and ergonomic Hi5 T-shape design, gives the user more options to hold on, improved massage intensity, and a better vibration depth.

Battery Technology from TESLA - fully charged in 2.5 hours and long battery life up to 9 hours of use after each charge. You need to charge less, and can use it more. It can be used 20 min per. day, at level 1, for up to 27 days.

1 button to turn on, adjust speed and turn off. It makes it simple and straightforward.

Speed ​​/ strength:

Level 1: 30 Hz, 1800 beats per minute
Level 2: 40 Hz, 2400 beats per minute *
Level 3: 48Hz, 2900 beats per minute - for deep muscle tissue penetration.

Interchangeable massage heads accessories

7 interchangeable "heads" included - for optimal depth, aimed at the muscles. Powerful brushless motor with high torque - for increased comfort, efficiency, performance and longer life. Soft replaceable "heads" increase the comfort of the massage, as well as prevent damage to the spine and bones.

The package contains:

Hi5 Nova Massage Pistol
Power supply
Beautiful and practical suitcase
6 + 1 interchangeable heads: Flat, Fork, Cartridge, Air cushion, Spade, Round and an Exclusive curved shaped head for waist, thighs and abdomen.

Warranty: 1 year

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Størrelse: 237 mm x 161 mm x 63,5 mm
Vægt: 0,85 kg
Batteri: Genopladelige lithium-ion-batterier giver over 9 timers brug

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