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100 pcs Disposable sheets - 40 gsm

40 gsm Disposable sheets

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Delicious disposable sheets in good and strong quality - 40 gsm

Do you want to make it easy for yourself, comfortable and convenient for the client and you want to be financially conscious at the same time! Then our disposable bedding might be the solution for you.

With disposable sheets you always have a fresh and clean sheet ready for your treatment. You save yourself a lot of trouble having to wash sheets and your clients don't have to bring a sheet yourself.

Our disposable sheets are soft and comfortable to lie on.

The sheets are made of the material "spunbonded nonwoven" and have a quality of as much as 40 gsm and thus are thicker than most other sheets you find on the market, which is usually only 20 gsm.

And then they are even cheaper than what you can find the "thinner" qualities of other places.

The covers are white and measure 80 x 200 cm.

They are individually folded and come in packs of 100 pieces.

Each package is divided into 5 bundles of 20 pieces. individually folded sheets, so you can easily grab a stack of it when you're on the go.


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