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100 pcs Luxury "phys" sheets

Luxury "phys" sheets

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Super soft and delicious high quality disposable sheets - especially suitable for narrow pieces.

Luxury "phys" sheets are both strong and soft. We have carefully selected material and manufacturing method to maintain a soft, comfortable surface, while still keeping the sheets very strong and able to hold a bit of each.

They are made from the well-known nonwoven product and have a density of 23 gsm.

The sheets are made using a special technique which makes them both stronger, softer and feels thicker than other sheets of the same density.

The bearings are delivered in a bundle of 100 pieces, which are folded together without leaving sharp edges in the folds.

The sheets are suitable for hanging over e.g. a rod so you can easily grab a new, clean sheet for your treatment.

The sheets are delivered in packs of 100 pcs. (Measures 60 x 195 cm)

Color: White

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