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Massage table Special Edition I

Special Edition, outstanding powerlift table

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Special Edition I, which has a body shaped design with an adjustable midsection, allowing maximum access to all areas and couch reaches its maximum height in just 30 seconds. The midsection gently moves upwards to form a smooth bridge like lift, encouraging a gentle stretch throughout the thoracic areas. The efficient design ensures reliable and silent motor raises and lowers the table evenly.The adjustable headrest and armrest provides luxurious comfort and allows a patient's shoulders to relax completely while the heavy steel construction provides stability. You move easily and effortlessly around the couch on its four locking wheels.
This powerlift table ensures that you always work at the correct height (saving your back) and allow hight adjustment changes throughout the treatment without interruption to your client. With a greater height adjustment range than the portable couches makes access much easier for elderly and disabled clients. You also have the option to attach an additional foot control to this couch as extra equipment, in order for you make hight adjustments from both sides of the couch.

All this equipment is supplied with Special Edition I: 
- Multi adjustable headrest
- Lovely plush pillow 
- Armshelve under the headrest
- 4 lockable wheels
- 1 double foot control (to adjust height and midsection) 
- 2 Linak quality motor
- CE marked and UL tested
- 30-day return policy: Read more
- Scandinavia's best guarantee and spare part service 

Additional equipment: Altermed offers acquisition of an additional foot control to this couch (optional). 

See "DETAILS" for more information

Length incl. headrest: 202 cm
Length without headrest: 170 cm
Division of measures
Headboard: 32 cm
Chest piece: 52 cm
Leg piece: 118 cm
Angling the couch
Middle Section: 150 °
Head- and armrest: Up +35 °
Head- and armrest: Down - 50 °
Additonal facts
Width: 73 cm (at the widest point)
Height adjustment: 52-98 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Operating Weight: Max 250 kg
Frame: Iron
Bottom panel: Plywood
Motor: Solid European designed electric motor
Wheels: Built-in wheels on the rear axle for easy transport
Cover: Environmentally friendly polyurethane Skin Touch (PVC free).
Upholstery: 6.5 cm CFC free foam in high quality
Shipping Box
Length: 190 cm
Width: 77 cm
Height: 65 cm
Engine: 4 years
Frame: Eternity
Everything else: 1 year
Warranty terms
General: The warranty applies to manufacturing defects. Warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, neglect or misuse and dosn't cover resale.

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